by Marta Dziuba

La Agroteca Napuletana is a community centre and a library, located in the northern part of Naples, Italy in the neighbourhood of Scampia.This part of the city, although inhabited by over 80.000 people, has been very poorly equipped in any social infrastructure since its emergence in the 1960s.The lack of funds and building in the spirit of existenzminimum have left the neighbourhood partly underdeveloped, and Scampia has never evolved from the commuter town title.The intention of my project is to offer the neighbourhood a place that makes Scampia’s fresh start possible - a place that supports the education of the youngest inhabitants, provides courses in the most relevant fields for the Neapolitan job market for the adults, provides a safe space for those who cannot work or study from home, and finally promotes the community bonds. The proposal is located in Park Ciro Esposito, a dilapidated local green, marking the heart of the neighbourhood. The project is predominantly hidden underneath the green roof with vegetable patches and a citrus orchard.