by Giulia Jemec

The City of London, due to the pandemic, has become a ghost town. The crisis particularly impacted this district, causing economic issues and loss of jobs. The conventional typology of office buildings, now characterized by empty spaces, need a new organisation and interpretation of its future. What does the crisis mean for the future of offices as a building type or for the future of the city core as an urban genre? What if the free office spaces will be exploited for a new working environment that incentives a greener way of living, working and thinking? The Green Spine is designed to become the landmark for a green economic recovery of the City, expressing the optimism of a city that looks to a greener future. A new working environment featuring nature and greentech will revitalize the district. The injection of the Green Spine will become the central moment of the building and will create sensorial and spatial experience by providing closer contact with nature in the offices. The proposal is to transform the office building in a green economy hub in relation to sustainable and regenerative technologies and nature. Business people will be influenced by the sustainable and natural environment.