by Filip Zientek


Filip Zientek



MArch Architecture

The proposed masterplan centrepiece, located within the old prison blocks, was redesigned to become a primary school for children from the local neighbourhood. The architecture for “The People’s Asylum, an alternative healthcare community” is a derivative of various consecutive “chance operations'' based on new alphabet notations created in the first semester. This process generated compositional studies characterised by experimental representational techniques alongside an array of unique architectural components and delivered the novel model of architecture for the people. The school building plan is based on the alphabet notation designs. Glazed rectangular classrooms are threaded onto corridors and student play areas that work as the connection between the building blocks. Additionally, there is a spacious gym located on the park side of the school. The internal ex-prison block facades accommodate both residential and study spaces which can be used by students and researchers from the neighbourhood. The old chapel building has been repurposed as an assembly hall. The variety of classrooms are based on the same principles: simplicity of the outside mass, location accordingly to the notation, the furniture’s shape and utility based on the notation, variety of multifunctional study equipment adapted to the subject taught in the class.