by Sophie Guneratne

This project was born out of a series of, randomly generated, painted lines and squares that were produced during group masterplanning tasks. Painting became my focus for the year and was used both as a design tool and a form of architectural drawing and representation. I also worked with 1:1 objects, installing them around my home to generate ideas for the reuse of the 915,000 bricks that would be salvaged from the existing prison wall. This developed into a unique “wobbly” cladding system. Our masterplan proposes the radical reuse of Wormwood Scrubs Prison as a Mycology Institute. It questions the suitability of a prison cell for human habitation and instead proposed that fungi culture should be grown in the cells. The masterplan was designed in a group of 4 and holds a cohousing scheme, market, mycelium factory, psilocybin clinic and education centre.