by Aleksandra Gutkowska


Aleksandra Gutkowska



MArch Architecture

The proposal is an anarchist, DIY, eco-experimental village where all the participants live as a community taking an example from the open field system from the past. This village provides all the facilities to meet the needs of everyday life and the hubs to help develop individual’s passions or their business idea. The central vision is to bring the community together and for the people to share their skills amongst each other. The idea is that everyone will be able to use the workshops to develop their interests and start-ups. The diagram explains the concept of the village. At first, people have a business idea; then, they search for a place to develop their start-up. They find The Common Land Village, which is my proposed project. The idea is that we provide the “incubation”, essentially accommodation and facilities for people to start their business. They move in, and as their business grows, they need to employ more people, which means they will have to have a space to accommodate them. They are searching for some recycled materials and get them delivered to the site. After that they start expanding the village.