by Shu Wing Chung


Shu Wing Chung


MArch Architecture

Considering the location of a rural-urban area surrounding Heathrow airport, it included the London Concrete factory area next to the railway. The concrete and the Asphalt factory produce ready-mix concrete and Asphalt support the local building industry. For the industry's sustainability, London Concrete industry needs to find a new material that can replace the concrete in the future. Mycelium could take part in this area. From studying the concrete and asphalt production process compared to mushroom farming. We can find a similar process between them. If we replace the cement becomes mycelium, aggregate and sand become frame west ( straw, woodchips ), Mycelium product could be a future concrete. Take the concrete factory next to the rail path as a mycelium substrate center. Recycle the paper waste from Heathrow airport and the farm waste by the near farm. The resource can become the base material for mushroom farming and mycelium building material product.