by Alina Hafeez

Tenure Exposure redesigns the second floor of a new apartment block in Silvertown, where the affordable and private accommodation are currently segregated. The proposal demolishes the internal walls and "pepper-pots" the tenures together to create an extreme version of integrated co-living. The poor neighbour the rich: There are no fixed boundary between them, and they share common facilities. Some use furniture to close off from other residents entirely, others close off for moments of privacy. These unusual conditions can possibly exacerbate the stigma between the working and middle classes, or aid in dissolving the barrier between them, or both. The Diginun is a contemporary depiction of the Garden of Eden, where a nun must resist temptations of futurization, whilst sharing a living space with Roombots - modular self-reconfiguring robots. As personal possessions are prohibited for the nun, the Roombots re-assemble, forming different furniture and adapting the spaces to accommodate for the nuns strict daily routine and alter light qualities. Both occupants are dependent on each other, as the nun is responsible for the Roombot’s maintenance. These futuristic conditions test the devotion of the nun and the functionality of the Roombots (which are currently undergoing testing).