by James Mason

The Cryo-Tomb Research Centre is a thought experiment proposing an alternative to the existing death rituals in Naples. Naples is internationally known for its mummification process, which preserves the human body. However, it is perhaps more known for its location to multiple volcanoes - including mt Vesuvius and Campi Flegri supervolcano. These sources of death act as the lifeblood for the Cryo-Tomb, which draws geothermal power directly from them as a source of energy and fuel. As the project utilised volcanic energy, it is located in the Campi Flegri national park, submerged in the ground. Not only does this pay homage to Naples existing tunnels and gates of hell, but it carefully considers Naple's historical tradition of preserving the landscape and heritage. The passages lead to the Deep-Stasis-Storage modules where the dead are mourned and remembered or the central cryo-facility where the cryogenic process takes place.