by Anastasia Plahotniuc


Anastasia Plahotniuc



BA Architecture

The project is based on gentrification in Elephant & Castle, London. Around 176 small local businesses have lost their affordable rent places in The Shopping Centre (demolished) as well as their affordable housing around the area.Most of them are the Latin American community who have settled within the area around 1960’s and have created what we now know as the heart of E&C. It was always filled with joyous traditional food and dances whereas now, these people are quite literally homeless... Delancey, the developer, is trying to hide all this and benefit from the “regeneration project” through offshore systems and looking at the whole situation, the bigger picture, they could’ve easily solved this problem. What’s 100/200 people to them? But how crucial it is to us and the Latin American community. In my development I’m trying to create in order to solve this problem. It would have a place where: they could live — residence ; they could sell their food or clothes they create, hair salons — retail; green space where they could relax and still feel home — sustainability