by Jacky Yomi


Jacky Yomi


MArch Architecture

This project intends to provide a community centre and accommodation blocks for refugees seeking asylum within the UK. The project aims to reclaim, transform and repurpose an existing prison (HMP Wormwood Scrubs Prison) for the new community within the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. The community centre building is a combination of an old (Chapel) and new (extension). The existing chapel hall will provide a multifunction space for social events such as weddings, parties, concerts, workshop, and more. Whereas the new extension will be providing multifaith rooms for prayer, meditation and contemplation. the extension wraps around the chapel with a corridor that connect the new rooms to the chapel. The whole new extension is raised above the ground and supported by a series of columns cladded in bricks. From the corridor users can access the chapel hall through the clerestory window and landing on new balconies within the existing hall. Reclaiming bricks from the prison wall and other buildings on site are the main material for the construction. The whole concept of the project is to empower the local community and the refugee community and building bridge between the two communities. They will involve in the construction of the buildings.