by Emilio Moner de Luque


Emilio Moner de Luque


MArch Architecture

“Tilbury Marshlands nurseries of life” A journey, a timeline in nature, a visual, tactile route into the realm of climate change. In this journey architectural technological devices, collect data for a Research centre that seeks the regeneration of the marshlands and the study of phenological effects in our planet. The project hopes to challenge the disengagement that exists between the people of tilbury and the fascinating ecosystem that surrounds them. The research work is linked to informative spaces of public access to teach the value and importance of the natural environment and bring it closer to the inhabitants for their awareness. The project aim is to create a permeable form, which through introduced breaks, meaningful visual connections with surrounding nature and enable the user to admire the stunning marshlands in many different ways. The view will used as the primary source to derive the form of the building