by Syafiqah Aziz


Syafiqah Aziz



BA Architecture

Dedicated to the jaded ones, For-Rest is a proposal that taps into the healing power of nature in order to create spaces for contemplation and rest. The belly of the fat king represents the resultant effect of the current state of governance that leads to mental and physical fatigue. Cared for by the metaphorical spirits of various ecosystems, the users journey through For-Rest, where the meandering paths connect a curated woodland, meadows, leading to natural pools which brings each swimmer into a close and physical connection with nature. Scattered across the landscape, spaces of inhabitations were designed minimally and primarily crafted in timber, omitting excessiveness as an approach to design sustainably. To minimize destruction to the landscape, the buildings rest on stilts and are constructed and maintained with the timber grown on site. By integrating modular structural nodes that allows for the extension of the buildings, carbon emission during the construction process is kept low. The designed landscape provides for both buildings, health and wellbeing.