by Joe Harding


Joe Harding


BA Architecture

The key aim is to create a self-sustaining and highly productive model for re-wilding forests in the UK to create spaces that promote the return of our endangered and missing endemic species, whilst creating a rich bounty for the local populace. This restoration of the forest by re-introducing keystone herbivores to the habitat, which will act as a terraforming device renewing the soil, thinning the flora, and creating habitats for many of the species we have lost. My project aims to showcase a hedonistic but non-destructive model for our dwindling natural spaces in the UK, with a restaurant that creates fermented produce foraged from the land it is nestled in. My Buildings will be constructed as the project evolves and more materials become available - timber, clay, earth, straw bales for insulation and the flora for the sod roof - everything but glass will be sourced on site or from the local farm chain to the north. The central products of my restaurant will be fermented foraged and hunted ingredients, as the seasons change, so will the produce. Mead in the summer, various pickled vegetables and roots year-round, and cured meats from the culling in winter.