by Aleyna Pekshen


Aleyna Pekshen


BA Architecture

Semester 2 / Regenerating Sewardstone aimes to use milk fermentation as a way to bring together the communities surrounding Sewardstone, Upper Lea Valley, that don’t have access to sheltered and unique meeting spaces. The project proposes a dairy farm that provides yogurt made on-site and a public ‘Yogurt Craft Workshop’ that teaches people of all ages the sustainable cycle of fermentation. Rammed earth and timber are used throughout the site for their sustainable properties and thermal mass. The project divides into three spaces, differentiating the places used by the public, staff and the barn. Semester 1 / The Dairy Fermenter focuses on the fermentation of unpasteurised milk to produce Gouda cheese in the rural location of Abbey Creek. The importance of consuming unprocessed milk is emphasized by encouraging customers to observe the fermentation lab whilst enjoying cheese made on site in the public areas. The cattle grazes and is milked on Lea Valley Park, increasing the soil’s ability to store carbon, and the milk is later on transported through water transportation, minimising traffic and air pollution. Concrete is used for its ability to withstand the cheese fermentation process.