by Sean Danial Douglas Hamilton


Sean Danial Douglas Hamilton



MArch Architecture

During my exploration this year, I have delved into the potential of incorporating the earth as a fundamental element in architectural practices. As a result, I have made the conscious decision to integrate rammed earth into my building designs. This technique offers numerous benefits, such as minimal energy consumption during production and the generation of minimal waste during construction. The materials used are locally sourced and readily available, further enhancing its sustainability. Additionally, rammed earth walls possess exceptional durability and longevity, reducing the need for frequent maintenance or replacement. By employing this method, my objective is to empower individuals by fostering their self-assurance and honing their abilities. Moreover, I aim to create opportunities for training and employment, while also safeguarding and enhancing natural areas. This approach encourages a more active lifestyle and addresses significant challenges such as social isolation, limited skill sets, and health issues. Through these endeavours, I aspire to contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive built environment.