by Victoria Hajduczenia


Victoria Hajduczenia


MArch Architecture

My design typology is called a Pharmafarm; an innovated free zone that farms medicinal plants for medical and recreational use, which otherwise would be illegal in the United Kingdom. The farming process will be innovative through vertical farming, particularly the use of aeroponic towers, which are an efficient and sustainable way of farming. Canary wharf has a demographic of high social & economic classes which take pride in healthcare.. Due to the closeness to canary wharf, the project would benefit from close by investors and contractors interested in the cause of the farm such as one of the 17 pharmaceutical practices. The design would have access to power stations as well as water supplies from the wharf. The farm would be a funded by a Cannabis Scientific Research centre based in the UK, which produces CBD dietary supplements for various everyday purposes, however, they are limited by having to abide by government rules, their products cannot reach their full potential as well as the use of other ingredients e.g. psilocybin (magic mushrooms). Inspired by semester 1 group work of working voids, the design involves a theme of lightness and interiority pockets where there will be a fusion between internal and external, causing a mix between man-made versus natural environments. This concept will celebrate the surrounding natural environment of the park rather than obstruct it. The design will incorporate the idea of a traditional greenhouse reimagined as pockets of open growing rooms available for visitors to view.