by Freya Kay

If Doors Could Talk. 91 Brick Lane was once home to Sir Thomas Buxton, partner of the Truman Brewery along Brick Lane and a great presence in the movement to abolish remaining slavery in 1820’s. Through the study of personal diaries, it was clear that Buxton was influenced greatly by three important women in his life; Anna Buxton, his mother who gave him freedom, Lady Hannah Buxton his wife who gave him responsibility and Priscilla Gurney, his sister-in-law who encouraged his life purpose. This intervention explored how these three values could be materialised within alternative openings within the door itself. The Ghost Craft – Trade House of Glasgow. Seeking to reinstate the active work and trade within the Trade House of Glasgow; this proposal uses the historic physical traces of the Merchant City to inform the development, setting parameters and providing service routes. The unearthing of stories behind old signs and shop-fronts of the City formed invaluable insights of Glasgow’s architectural, social and cultural history provided in the fading remains with the proposal focusing on these individual stories, needs and desires to create a community bound by the skills and trade embedded within its society.

Freedom, Responsibility and Ambition & Life Purpose