by Dilan Thethy

I noticed that the canal acted as a border between either side of the site, and I wanted to implement a solution to make the area flow in an efficient manner. I tackled this issue by implementing a bridge in the middle of the canal that goes across it, as well as implementing a platform on the other side of the canal for people to walk on. Since there is already a platform on the other side of the canal that sailors tie their boats to, I re-designed it with much walkability, greenery, and seating with the same intention that it previously had for sailors. The bridge followed a similar materiality theme as the platform and is located near the platform so pedestrians can quickly cross over and use it if necessary. I am proud of the 3D software models I created, however, I do feel that for some aspects, I could’ve used more sustainable materials, and I could’ve made the width of both structures wider.