by Greta Sakenyte


Greta Sakenyte


BA Architecture

In the contemporary high-rise high-density housing blocks of Beijing, the linear, narrative driven journey of moving through a series of shared spaces into your home is lost. This is particularly damaging to transient communities like migrants and students looking for a sense of belonging. This project seeks to create a low-rise high-density housing typology structured around a journey that meanders from one end of the block to the other, offering its residents a series of communal and neighbour- hood wide shared spaces. Programmatically, the proposal imagines a new narrative of inhabitation where international students and migrant workers offered to accommodate into single type dwellings with communal key spaces crossing through all the site (study spaces, cafes, lounges, gardens, food market, bar.) Users can choose between staying temporary for studying or permanently maintaining a work-life balance between the area or the situated food market below the ground level.