by Asya Tirak

I’m creating a dream home for dogs and actually give them what they deserve and always deserved. Shelter dogs, homeless dogs, rejected dogs, till we can find the home they deserve, their home is going to be the “Dogs Palace”. I will be developing a site that includes indoor & outdoor playgrounds, eating area, private area open roomy shelters, kennels and most importantly tunnels that connects specific kennels together. These tunnels are specially made for specific breeds that saves them having to get stuck in the kennels for hours, it will help them move around whenever its the play time or visitors time.I’m making almost the whole interior suitable for the dog size’s and their needs. I will be using materials and colours that they can see and feel more safe and comfortable, to make it feel as homie as it can.Also making the rescue places more fun and enjoyable for both dogs and people, it will help dog’s to get adopted quicker and easier. This Palace is going to show the importance of not only what we deserve or want, its going to show what the Dogs need or possibly wish to have as a home in this Dog’s Palace!