by Prokopets Darya


Prokopets Darya



BA Architecture

The project is inspired by book “The Dispossessed” by Ursula Le Guin. It tells a story of a scientist who could not find a place and a home on two planets. On his native planet, his knowledge was not valued, another planet is filled with cynicism and neglect. He was dispossessed, just as people and nature are dispossessed and need each other on our planet. “Sanctuary for the Dispossessed” is a place where scientists can work solving current issues with environment. It is welcoming volunteers and people that want to give, participate in the restoration of places around the world. Science, nature and community are praised here. It is hosting Festivals, the purpose of which is the restoration of problematic places on the planet. Projects might be built around the world creating global community that allows to exchange experience and improving environment step by step. The project consists of the research center with laboratories on the first floor of the main building, visitor center on the ground floor, housing for scientists, visiting researchers and volunteers.