by Fani Petrova

The project is about turning a private garden in North Bermondsey into an interactive public space. This is done by integrating wildlife back into the urbanized area and creating a peaceful environment for 6 species of almost extinct butterflies to live in. The buildings recreate their natural habitats including all the needs that they have for surviving such as: different plant food sources for each stage of the butterflies’ life, water puddle, flat stones for sunbathing, typical trees, nectar fruit plates. Looking at the users of the project, it incorporates spaces for each of them starting with spaces for lunch for the school children, dog park, space for yoga, platforms for tourist pictures and more. All of the buildings and the detached external walls, mirrors, and coloured glass surrounding them, provide privacy or full publicity to the different spaces in a variety of ways, depending on their location.

Walk through animation of the project