by Zhengyao Xu

Modified knowledge would only spread the wrong information. The proposal was to design an Eating Culture “Mian” Museum based on the Haggerston Baths at Haggerston Hackney, for rectifying and popularization of authentic Chinese food and cultures. Introducing the Essence of Chinese food culture through a kind of food with high diversity: noodles. Two different routes are set in the building, representing the northern and southern cultures in China. Showing different noodle making techniques and eating habits through the exhibition rooms. A food hall was designed in the swimming pool area at the end of the visit for visitors to have a taste of the noodles they learnt in the journey. This project included research based on the two major cultures in China, extracted and redesigned significant traditional elements: water pavilions, yaodong cave houses, hanging noodles, etc… Which intend to invoke the resonance inside the oversea Chinese people, and to introduce the correct knowledge and food to the others.