by Luke Harvey

For my first semester project (DES2A), we designed in Lower Marsh, where the artistic energy and interest in graffiti led me to design an Art Studio for the community, as well as a communal seating area and public toilets, all features which the area felt they needed. A key feature of the design is a large continuous table, at different heights to accommodate people of different sizes and whether people want to stand or sit. People are also able to draw on the tables, which mirrors the creative energy also found in the Art Studio on the first floor. For the second semester we designed in Elephant and Castle, I felt that the area would benefit from an ‘After School Club’ space. I designed a building where children, mainly ages 5 - 10 will be able to visit, alone or with their parents. I wanted a space that would feel like a small street, where the children would be able to participate in group activities together such as art, cooking, indoor sports, as well as providing a large amount of outdoor space. But I also wanted quiet areas where the children can do homework, read or rest. The different colour buildings indicates which space is used for what, with colours on the floor to lead the children to whichever area they want to go.