by Rima Almesri

Humanity experiences a prevalent disconnection with the food consumed. It is fundamental that people understand where our food comes from, the processes involved before it reaches our plate, and how much food is wasted. “Windows of the Slaughterhouse in Southwark” manifests a vertical slaughter-line in London, haunting the centre of Southwark and hoisting the otherwise invisible taboo into a theatrically horrific spectacle for the public. The disconnection of slaughter from our culture is symbolised through the wrenching of the architecture from the ground, inviting the public to ascend into the structure; an organic formed “bubble” made out of preserved cow stomachs for each journey of slaughtering the cattle whereby the slaughter process is exhibited through curation of intimate relationships between occupant and slaughter. The “Windows of the Slaughterhouse in Southwark” Journey starts with the Cattles enjoying their day in the large, green fields on the ground floor of the Site. As the Journey continues, the first Pod exhibition is where visitors see the cattles being slaughtered in the ‘Blood Atrium’, After the long journey for both the visitor and the cattle, their final stop is at the top floor at the restaurant with a great view to expose Southwark