by Nargese Abdulghafar

The building is situated on the border of Redbridge and Barking & Dagenham, in the Chadwell Heath District Centre. The cinema closed in 1966 and became a Bingo Hall. In 2015, following the closure of the Bingo Hall, it was then used as a wedding hall/banqueting suite. My proposal is bring back the sites previous purpose which was a bingo place for the community allowing them to be themselves and meet new people. The site’s current activities will be completely altered because it will no longer be a wedding venue. Despite serving a very different purpose than the original site, I believe my design will be just as useful. During its initial lifespan, the community will now have a social area for people of all ages to enjoy themselves. My design will aim to assist the community in getting to know one another, as well as to assist the children in learning new skills and getting to know other children their age. Throughout my proposal, you will be able to see the different areas each group can use.