by Clara-Romana Pop


Clara-Romana Pop


MArch Architecture

Welcome to the Carecrow Hostel. Here, the diversity of the guests goes beyond norms as the building tries to break the barrier between two ecologies: human and birds. The hostel welcomes both people and different kinds of birds to unwind and enjoy an inter-ecological experience right at the end of the famous Thames Path National Trail, closely located near the Thames Barrier in Woolwich. Elements of the building try to mimic some of the birds’ nesting habits and translate them into architecture. The “wall” stands at the core of the design concept, here being the barrier that is constantly altered in order to allow both ecologies to come together. Limestone was used to give the building a natural and ruin-like aesthetic, being a timeless material that allows nature to take over. The timber was introduced as it symbolises the temporary element of the design, given that the hostel could be seen as a temporary home for people and birds.