by Taruna Bangia


Taruna Bangia



BA Designing Cities

The aim of the proposal is to redevelop the ‘Thistlebrook’ site along with its surrounding area in Abbey Wood. Thistlebrook is a designated permanent traveller site. This area along with its neighbourhood has multiple shortcomings like deprivation, high crime rates, unemployement, low skilled worforce, lack of active frontages and permeability, prevalent cultural and social divide between the gypsies and other locals. The proposal aims to address these issues and seeks to improve the overall quality of the neighbourhood while making the most of underused spaces. It involves redesigning the travellers’ site, addition of housing units to tackle the issue of rising housing demand, and the introduction of commercial activity to boost local economy. This proposal opens up the area, increases permeability and helps foster a sense of community. It creates active frontages and hence reduces the possibility of a crime taking place. It takes into account people from all walks of life (age/culture/ethnicity) and hence is inclusive while encouraging development opportunities for social and recreational activities.