by Zoe Onatoye

1/ London City's sea levels have risen by 25m and the elderly and retired community have felt more isolated in society than ever. A scheme has been put into place to teach East London's elderly community to fish for valuable litter that can be turned into inflatable spaces. These spaces will provide temporary house extensions for homes with limmited space because of the flooding. This project helps the retired and elderly to see the value in themselves in society, to meet more people like them and to gain a sense of purpose in their old age, that they are changing lives in their community for the better.
2/ There’s something really humbling about the idea and the feel of the farm.
At the Waterloo City farm, a hidden space in Lambeth, central London I observed how occupied it was with life, it reminded me of a living domestic space, with many details of human and animal habitation. I like how it's focus was less about it's construction and structure but about how it provided for the people in the community, architecture tailored to the everyday person, it made architecture feel more human.