by Norah Alhamdan

Woolwich war museum is designed for public viewing through exhibits showcasing transportation, uniforms and items found or made for the war. Woolwich was highly influenced by the war and was a home for many armaments factories, and military training facilities before becoming an opportunity area according to the London Plan.

The author was inspired by the use of concrete in other structures used in wars, for example, the berlin wall and The Fulwell Acoustic Mirror. The berlin wall it’s used nowadays to symbolize the Extreme conditions of the past, and wanted to implement the same idea to the Woolwich war museum.

The author designed the building to relate different structures in the area to the theme of the museum, which can be seen in the viewing platform in the rooftop. The first floor in the museum area is a balcony designed to overlook the suspended military planes, creating a story on how it felt during that historical time.