by Sebastian Dawber

Back to times of the past. An off-grid urban village that operates for and with the people of Hackney wick.

New developments are leading to the disappearance of those who created it, the local community who now seeking jobs and homes, leading to a division between old and new comers.

The idea is to create community district that works with than rather fighting with new and old residents, a place for commerce for all. An urban community that has public and private access, welcoming all to the site. To grow the community, spaces such as: a café, crop growing, workspaces, learning rooms, exhibition spaces and social housing—aimed to increase cohesion amongst the community. Further explored in a chance to work on-site as well as partake in a hempcrete self-build project. People can live on-site and grow their own spaces. The site services use traditional and modern strategies to create an off grid industrial processing space.

A village to grow the community connecting to opposing sides into one wholesome community.