by Samiya Zafar

Medical Revival is proposing to address the
urgent matter of medication waste across the
The design aims to aid and educate users to
dispose of medication that is no longer needed or
being used in a safe and efficient way. The design
will also accommodate local UCL pharmacy school
students and Great Ormand Street medical staff,
alongside staff working on-site. Here, new ways to
recycle the unused medication can be explored,
rather than disposing into landfill or being wasted
through incineration, thus reducing not only the
environmental impact, but also the economical
impact. The ground floor of the proposal shall be
open to the public, where users and those passing
by shall be able to witness the copious amounts
of medication that will be visible through the
transparent delivery tubes and transparent storage
pods, with aims to educate those who may not be
a direct user of the space, but will still be impacted