by Fatima Al-Hamadani

In this project, the aim is to question and reread the city’s lost identity and what a memorial space is in the life of the Iraqi people. In a hybrid approach of research through design, I aim to adress the hidden layers and the trasnperant identity of the city in addition to it’s culture. It changed tragiclly from the Peaceful Babylon era to the ruins and fear of today. The memorial is a space where memory meets reality. In this memorial, I’m portraying the richness of Basrah, and the different layers of history.I exaggerated the value of the past in a healthy manner by ignoring the pain of the current life, the existing ruins leave the people of Basrah vulnerable. The aim of the memorial is to invertigate the notion of memory and sense of commemoration in a way to celelbrate the city’s hertaige, and the lost and forgotton identity.