by Daisy Day

This project proposes the construction of a centre combining an otter sanctuary and local wildlife discovery centre together with a mycelium growth and testing facility, cafe and roof terrace. The centre’s purpose is to re-introduce diverse wildlife occupancy within the Ravensbourne and Quaggy rivers in tandem with the production of mycelium for small-scale construction and experimentation purposes. Another major function of the centre is to provide educational activities, workshops and presentations for visitors together with running sustainably relevant programmes and events. The structure will also act as a prototype for the use of other viaducts throughout the borough. Centrally located within Lewisham Town Centre, the site is nestled beneath the railway arches between Rennell Street, Loampit Vale and the Glass Mill Leisure Centre. The Rivers Ravensbourne and Quaggy flow adjacent to the site, providing easy access to both wildlife and human users. *Vola Winner for Best Portfolio*