by Arshana Rajaratnam


Arshana Rajaratnam



MArch Architecture

Cornville is a model village that has factories, housing, amenities and outdoor activities, designed for a better quality of life. It is aimed at people that are looking to work, live and play within the same area such as migrant workers, unemployed population or the wider community. There are job opportunities at the factories as well as an element to learn about corn and its by-products that can help set up small businesses. Cornville focusses on how corn can be grown and harvested in the UK as well as using its by-products well so that the overall carbon emissions can be reduced. The main industries are the production of cereal for Harmondsworth and construction materials made from corn by-products for the housing on the site for the factory workers that can be expanded with time. Some of the key elements of the projects were creating a humane factory, reconnecting people with food and where it comes from, innovation with corn, community engagement through the wood and metal workshops, cafe, tasting room and make your own cereal facilities. Outdoor activities are encouraged by having sports pitches and courts.