by Berfin Tas

This project has two parts to it. The first part is the tower, and the second part is the college. The tower is from a Wren Church that was rebuilt after the 1666 fire. I took the tower and relocated it to Ludgate Hill and altered the tower for my chosen natural philosopher J.S Bach. The design and internal arrangements of the tower was inspired by Bach’s music and the patterns in his music. I also compared architecture in Bach’s time, the renaissance, to modern day architecture and this allowed me to come up with my design. The tower has one double height performance space and at the very top of the tower is the study room where Bach will study his music. The second part of my project is the music college, the clients are the IIC and they believe in cosmism. I realised music and cosmism relate as music can help extend one's life. The college sits beside the tower and is used for music therapy, it is made of three buildings. The tallest building will be the study building where students and teachers find ways to develop music and therapy, the building with the roof light will be the meditation room for people working in offices in the city to go and relax and the building in the center is a performance space but also an open roof garden where anyone can go and express themselves with music, play instruments and disconnect from the world around.