by Nikola Wolkova

A highly sustainable tensile structure composed of structural tensegrity modules (metaphorically representing trees/forest) and multiple layers of soft strings woven around the tensegrity modules to bind them together. This novel building technique is to be very quick and flexible to build or to remove depending on the demand. It is to support biodiversity/wilding of a very derelict site (inspired by Elizabeth Tree’s book - Wilding) and promote the connection between the human and nature as a way to cure and prevent human mental health issues (inspired by Qing Li’s book - Forest Bathing). Especially now, during the covid pandemic, when mental health issues have been on the rise. Part of the project is to provide for new residential units, some of which to be permanent and some temporary, part of the project is to provide space for community activities and for growing crops, plants, trees etc. The rewilding of Beckton also poses a direct challenge to the policies of nearby London City Airport which restrict the introduction of wild green space attracting birds within 1km radius. This project suggests to question the airport, rather than nature.