by Arsalna Usmani

This project is located in Bermondsey in London on the site of a former biscuit factory now being used as a climbing and bouldering centre for The Arch. It is an extension project looking to expand the usable space as well as the climbing activities. Taking inspiration from the Antelope Canyons in Arizona, USA the design seeks to emulate the unwinding and undulating walls of the canyon throughout the new building on the southern side. Playing with half and full height spaces the internal layout of the building aims to take the user on a journey during the use of the building for climbing purposes. The intermediate levels in both the buildings allow the user to experience the space at varying heights just as vantage points do in an outdoor climbing experience in a canyon. The cladding is made up of individual stone Louvres that give the impression of a undulating wall when viewed from street level and also act as solar shading.