by Linda Tighlit

Our proposal for the renovation of Marylebone Halls of Residence involves dividing the high-rise tower into three themed zones: Zen Garden, Forest and Rooftop Jungle. The Forest Zone features a communal studio space where creative students can work in consistently daylit spaces on the north facade. The centre of the Forest Zone has a two-floor exhibition space that opens to the public, where students can transport their work through the moveable floors from the study spaces which can then be displayed for the general public to see. The implementation of vegetation at varying degrees throughout the residence (green roof, hydroponics and vertical green wall systems) has many environmental design benefits. It acts as a shading device, combats pollution from the north fa├žade on Baker Street, and introduces the aspect of biophilia into the design. The Climate Change Hub Pavilion required us to design a temporary structure to teach children about climate change, hosting learning spaces and an exhibition function. The proposal was based on the environmental and contextual analysis (specifically pollution and circulation for this hub) of Paddington Gardens.