by Sami Kassim

As we enter into a new era of the Anthropocene, one must consider the relationship between human conditions and energy typologies. In the context of the site, an urban area such as Three Mills relies on gas and electricity transmission. The scheme proposes a triptych of activities centred around its main function of providing a renewable source of energy; an interactive hydropower facility, an educational centre that provides governance for clients and shareholders, as well as a storage facility for large pieces of machinery to be showcased. Sitting on the water level, the architecture of the hydropower facility and visitor centres allows for the public to safely circulate throughout the plant, and allows users to gain an direct experience of the inner workings and operations of a hydropower facility. The industrial nature of the scheme is amplified by the materiality, and pays a homage to the existing infrastructure of the neighbouring area, notably the monolithic Victorian gasholder collection in Bromley-by-Bow.