by Laura Kershaw


Laura Kershaw


MArch Architecture

The City of London has lost its rhythm. The moon observes as the earth’s longest, constant companion yet people continue to ignore its existence. The scheme inspires and encourages people to connect with the moon through the rhythm of Butoh dance, the dance of transformation, which interrupts and challenges the constant rhythm of life. The proposal repurposes six existing buildings on the City's cultural axis to form a Butoh Arts Centre, explored through meticulous hand drawings and experimental design techniques. This integrates six interventions which compel users to experience the moon through performance, engagement, stillness and solitude. Each intervention is unique and stands boldly within the space, like meteors colliding, they are elevated and intruding yet existing in harmony.

Psychogeography: Choreographing and Performing Butoh in The City of London Influenced by Emotion.