by Izabela Dima

In semester 1 we analysed the climatic and microclimatic conditions of Paddington Street Gardens in London and based on the findings, the theme of Escape from the busy city, led to a Schematic Urban Proposal for the park. The proposal would allow each individual to experience the park and spaces differently. The proposal creates an escape from the pollution as well as the busy life of the city making the visitors slow down and enjoy the views but also making them come back to take another escape pathway and have a completely unique experience and different from every other they have had before. In Semester 1 after the thorough analysis of Paddington Street Gardens we had to propose a Climate Change Hub for Primary School children. The proposal would educate students about plastic pollution and specifically plastic bottles and wastage and the contribution to the carbon emissions causing global warming. The Hub would create a learning journey of realisation, education about plastics and the reflection of what would happen and how they can act. The design creates a learning experience throughout and allows all students, all different learning styles to be a part of the structure, the architecture, the colours, the elevations and the learning process the Hub creates. In Semester 2 we thoroughly analysed the Marylebone Student Accommodation in London. The accommodation is currently poorly ventilated with rooms being overheated most of the time during the year and students experiencing glare and discomfort. The proposal of the second skin/facade would allow for the current and the extreme climatic conditions of the future to the mitigated and resolved. The second facade consists of manually rotating terracotta tiles which have been placed according to the radiation analysis of the building providing the students with total control of the light that enters in their room, as well as a balcony like in-between space where biophilia and different views of the city would contribute to the health and wellbeing of the students.