by Giancarlo Albarello

Semester 2 focused on Marylebone Student halls. Initially we had to propose an external envelope that would improve environmental conditions of the interior spaces. This would also generate both private and public balconies that will improve the social mobility of the tower. Module 4 calls for a complete rethinking of the interior spacĀ¬es and programme of tower. In particular, this should be achieved through a considered approach, achieving nearly zero energy performance targets while significantly enhancing the quality of living. The proposal, suggests demolishing part of the existing structure, preserving concrete structural elements as well as significant parts of slabs and walls in place. Interior spaces are provided through modern modular blocks. Every floor share three living units and one social/workspace. The new, double-height blocks connect and partially encase the existing concrete strucĀ­ture, and are positioned according to functional, solar access and outdoor views criteria. Furthermore, no two floors are the same, creating more interesting and dynamic indoor/ outdoor space relationships.

Spatial delight using natural daylight and volume trial - summer