by Andreea Laura Petrescu


Andreea Laura Petrescu



BA Architecture

The first project is an inclusive space in Regent’s Park, where The Sunday Assembly can hold their smaller events: book, boardgame, mental health and AA clubs, meditation, and choir rehearsal. I designed a highly transparent building (on stilts) around the existent trees on site, leaving the nature untouched. The café and sitting area are designated for anyone who visits Regent’s Park, not only Sunday Assembly members. Seeing what happens inside the building can appeal to their curiosity and attract new members for the association. For my second project, I wanted to give back power to the community of Brixton. To reduce unemployability and crime rates in Brixton, while naturally growing its economy, I am proposing a carbon neutral vertical farm, with an urban farm of 7 greenhouses on the second level, where the people of Brixton and business owners can grow crops, flowers and fish that could be taken home or sold in their stores/restaurants. This also creates around 100 jobs for the community. The upper level of the building is a social space with allotting, a restaurant, a sitting area, and a playground for children. The building has 4 types of renewable energy: solar, wind, kinetic and biogas factory.