by Casian Podianu

This is an invitation to appreciate and understand the ephemeral beauty of construction and making, especially the hidden entities. This is a call to acknowledge the latent possibilities, transitory components and events present or implied in the construction process. The school will help its students understand the process of making and allow them to test in real life the theories learned in architecture by building for the community around them. The school is a machine of exchange, a living structure made of steel, constantly full of activities and interaction between students, the community, and experts in architecture. The building is transforming around the inhabitants. The Structure itself is meant to act as a teacher, as students can observe its components and how it is built; while testing new ways to build in a constantly changing space, designed to fit the needs and expand the imagination of everyone interacting with it. As architecture and the construction environment will be a constantly growing branch of our world, therefore the school will spearhead innovations and technological research, to lead in the evolution of the digital world which could result in a better building and learning environment.

A journey through the 'Machine'