by Feriel Lina Siad


Feriel Lina Siad



BA Architecture

Beyond the Vision: The two polar opposite occupants chosen for this project are the otaku and blind a person. The term ‘otaku’ is often given to those who are obsessed with popular Japanese culture, to the detriment of their social skills. An individual that suffers from complete blindness is not able to see like the otaku. Though there are various forms of blindness where by some individuals can identify figures and detect changes in light. The project aims to combine the domestic activities of both occupants within a creative communal space, with hopes to break down the social barriers my users tend to face. Confined Community: As the population grows, the demands for housing rises. But what happens when there is not enough space to accommodate these various sized households? Overcrowding is a common conflict and can affect a household of any size. Depending on the individuals perception of overcrowding, the emotional, physical and psychological effects can be quite detrimental. By responding to the repercussions stemmed from overcrowding on individuals as well as the relationships between them, my project works around compromising spaces in order to suit the individuals of the household in terms of health and well-being.