by Jill Fernandes

The Sunlight pavilion’s designs (climate change hub) The microclimate of the Paddington street gardens in Marylebone is favoured by Marylebone student housing in semester 2. The sunshine hub is a pavilion for kids to hang around and feel free, to encourage children to explore the structure and use the structure as their own playground by climbing, sitting and performing various other activities in and around the structure. I wanted to keep the entire structure transparent and enable it to be magnified by appropriate natural illumination, especially for children who are sensitive to sunlight. Variations of filtered light and changing shadows result from various types of timber use, providing dynamic and attractive spatial qualities. Pergola structures are therefore frequent in my pavilion, but they’re also crucial for giving sufficient shading; repeated parallel bars would be the key to diffusing light throughout the space for children, particularly those who are photosensitive and for those who do enjoy sunlight.