by Carla Chisari

Focusing on the brief and exploring the area, it was noticeble the amount of chewing gum on the floor near the busiest areas. The process of cleaning up the street take time and is very expensive for the government, each year. The idea of this project is to give chewing gum a new life by recycling it into material that is then used to make shoe soles. This will avoid the need for the expensive cleaning process and encourage people to recycle chewing gum. The design starts with placing special bins around the area by encouraging people to leave the ground clean. In partnership with a delivery company, the shoemaker will receive the delivery three times every week. The process will start and end inside building. The worker will use the building as a work and living space in order to leave the integrity of the Mews which, in the past, were stables with living quarter above. For the same reason, the facade on the back of the building will not be changed. Having said that, the concept is to use streatching and modeling techniques so that the interior architecture will take life inside the building. The idea is that it will display undulating curves, a stretching surface and a bubble shape extension on top of the building.