by Tiffany Butler

1/ The Golden Rush set in London, in an alternative reality. Where the Golden Comet hen exclusive to London, is discovered to lay golden eggs. This generates income, fuelling the economy resulting in each adult personally owning 5 hens. Caring for their golden egg-laying hens becomes a full-time job. Incredibly stressed, owners seek out a way to decompose in a space that's secure to hold their chickens. My yoga studio at The Ragged Museum offers multi-level yoga in resin modular pods with built-in storage allowing owners to freely participate in yoga whilst having an eye on their hens. These modular pods based on the 1st floor, overlook the ground floor where the yoga teacher is positioned, looking up to her students. Presenting an interesting multi-level yoga class format, By Tiffany M Butler

2/ Exhibition Project - The Man Behind The Shell Chair, By Tiffany M Butler