by Neguine Boumedine


Neguine Boumedine


MArch Architecture

This project is inspired by Italo Calvino's fictional novel Cosmicomics as well as the Persian gardens and their miniatures. It proposes a Bartering community on the river Spree in Berlin that accomodates the nomadic community as well as protects and archives the disappearing species. The river spree becomes a link between communities instead of a barrier and as the tide changes the building and its gardens are affected in different ways. A floating bird tower: the Avem, acts as a lighthouse to guide the nomadic community to their temporary new home. The fa├žades of the building change overtime as the nomads leave a trace of their passage on wooden panels. Nature leaves a trace on the bio receptive concrete facades throughout the project as moss and microalgae accumulates on them. The project aims to meet the future imaginary vision of a nomadic life on the water once the water has risen and nature has taken back Berlin with the current condition of the city.